Class XII English Notes (Updated)

Class 12 updated English notes according to FBISE syllabus. Contains solved exercises, review questions, MCQs, important questions and chapter overview.

Class 12 English Notes (Updated)

Unit 1 - Vision and Mission
Lesson 1 - The Farewell Sermon
Lesson 2 - Jinnah's Vision of Pakistan
Lesson 3 - The Blades of Grass
Unit 2 - Hope and Aspiration
Lesson 4 - I Have a Dream
Lesson 5 - Glory and Hope
Lesson 6 - I Dream a World (Poem)
Unit 3 - Duty and Responsibility
Lesson 7 - Lesson from the Battle of Uhud
Lesson 8 - Lingkuan Gorge
Lesson 9 - If (Poem)
Unit 4 - Courage and Determination
Lesson 10 - Determination
Lesson 11 - The Man Who Planted Trees
Lesson 12 - It Couldn't Be Done
Unit 5 - Technology / Gender Inequality
Lesson 13 - Technology and Society of the Future
Lesson 14 - Gender Inequality is Detrimental to Society
Lesson 15 - The School Boy (Poem)
Unit 6 - Cultural Heritage - The Past and the Present
Lesson 16 - Archaeological Treasures of Pakistan
Lesson 17 - The Renaissance
Lesson 18 - Once Upon a Time
Unit 7 - Tales from Shakespeare
Lesson 19 - The Merchant of Venice
Lesson 20 - King Lear
Important Questions from Past Papers

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Class 12 English Notes (Old Syllabus)

Lesson 1 - The Dying Sun
Lesson 2 - Using The Scientific Method
Lesson 3 - Why Boys Fail in College
Lesson 4 - End of Term
Lesson 5 - On Destroying Books
Lesson 6 - The Man Who Was a Hospital
Lesson 7 - My Financial Career
Lesson 8 - China's Way to Progress
Lesson 9 - Hunger and Population Explosion
Lesson 10 - The Jewel of the World
Lesson 11 - First Year at Harrow
Lesson 12 - Hitch Hiking Across Sahara
Lesson 13 - Sir Alexander Fleming
Lesson 14 - Louis Pasteur
Lesson 15 - Mustafa Kamal

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