Class XI Urdu Notes

Class 11 Urdu notes according to FBISE syllabus. Contains solved exercises, review questions, MCQs, important questions and chapter overview.

Class 11 Urdu Notes

Chapter 1 - Apni Madad Aap
Chapter 2 - Jhootay Aadmi
Chapter 3 - Nazria e Pakistan
Chapter 4 - Pakistani Qomiat Ka Masla
Chapter 5 - Kuch Adab K Baray Mein
Chapter 6 - Lamha e Fikriya
Chapter 7 - Darogha Ji Ki Panchoo Ghee Mein Aur Sir Karahi Mein
Chapter 8 - Aangan
Chapter 9 - Khoobsurat Bala
Chapter 10 - Taleem e Balighan
Chapter 11 - Shairaz Aur Kanar Aab Rukna Badu Waghaira
Chapter 12 - Rome - Zinda Shehar, Murda Shehar
Chapter 13 - Lalchi Wazeer
Chapter 14 - Makateeb - Mirza Ghalib
Chapter 15 - Allama Iqbal
Nazm 1 - Hamd
Nazm 2 - Naat
Nazm 3 - Shehar Ashob
Nazm 4 - Shehzaday Ka Chat Pr Sona Aur Pari K Hathoo Aghwa Hona
Nazm 5 - Dur e Murad
Nazm 6 - Takht e Faras Pe Ali Akbar Ka Khitaab
Nazm 7 - Umeed
Nazm 8 - Naseehat e Ikhlaaqi
Nazm 9 - Jalwa Sehar
Nazm 10 - Purana Coat
Nazm 11 - Yeh Sarkain
Nazm 12 - Qitaat
Nazm 13 - Ikhlaas
Ghazal 1 - Faqirana Aye Sada Kar Chalay
Ghazal 1 - Peeri Mein Kia Jawani K Mausam Ko Royie
Ghazal 2 - Qatal Ashiq Kisi Mashooq Se Kuch Dard Na Tha
Ghazal 3 - Naga Chaman Mein Jb Wo Gul Andaam Agya
Ghazal 4 - Daim Para Hua Teray Dr Pr Nahin Hoon Mein
Ghazal 4 - Hazaroo Khawishein Aisi K Hr Khawish Pe Dum Niklay
Ghazal 5 - Ayena Apni Nazar Se Na Juda Honay Do

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