Short Essay on Flood in Pakistan

Short Essay on Flood in Pakistan: There are number of Natural disasters in Pakistan which is disturbing our life. Flood is one of those natural disasters which causes major destruction by over flow of water. There are many reasons behind the over flow of water including heavy rains and snow melting on the top of the mountains which results in flood. Natural disasters are very common in the world and no one have power to stop these disasters but we can reduces their damage. Flood is also one of the biggest natural disasters in the world which is disturbing many under develop as well as the develop countries of the world.

Floods are very common in Pakistan which has been mainly effecting the Punjab and Sindh province since last few years. There are many reasons behind floods in Pakistan but main reason of flood in Pakistan is Monsoon season which brings heavy rainfall in Pakistan which result into increase in water levels of rivers of Punjab and Sindh province. Floods are very dangerous, whenever it comes it will take away many precious things like human lives and their houses as well as their crops of those people who lives near the rivers. Short Essay on Flood in Pakistan

Besides this whenever these floods come they bring many harmful diseases with them and make situation of the people worse. Floods have been disturbing the Pakistan since 2010. It become one of the major natural disaster in Pakistan which take away houses and animals of the people. It also causes the food deficiency in different cities of Pakistan.

Government of Pakistan is working to control over floods in Pakistan but this is not in man’s hand to fight against natural disasters. But Government of Pakistan is doing their best to reduce the effects of floods in Pakistan.

They are taking many action and also making new dams for water storage. They are also helping the flood effected people in Pakistan by giving them residence and food. Government of Pakistan is also giving them the long terms loans to establish their career. We all know that it only take a while to destroy but it takes a long period to restore the flooded effected area back to its normal life. There are two sides good and bad of everything, floods also have benefits as they make land more fertile. But the distractions caused by the floods are more than these benefits.

Updated: December 21, 2018 — 10:41 pm

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