Pakistan Army Ranks and Salary 2019 Structure and Chart

Here we are telling you about our Pakistan army force duties, ranks and salary packages 2019. They have been an active participant in United Nations and have mission to keep peace, unity and disciple in Pakistan not only male, female also involve in army force and do their duties with bravely around 74,000 female are working now in army force. Our army force shed here blood for their nation they have not care there lives and struggle day and night without any rest since beginning till today and these services are remarkable they fight bravery and defeated their enemies for his beloved country Pakistan. Army head quarter is located in GHQ Rawalpindi. All the army soldier service is remarkable. There aim to finish terrorism and make peaceful place in around all over the world. .

In Pakistan army there are different fields such as medical, engineering or soldiers there are career build opportunities a person motivated and patriot for it. All opportunities is equal for both male and females either they are minorities. We have to give respect to our Pakistan army so there are very tough training and exams to pass there general or field marshal is highest rank in Pakistan army below we are telling about army ranks and there scales (BPS) and badges with respectively.

Pakistan Army Ranks and Salary 2019 Structure and Chart


Field Marshal BPS-Apex (5-Star)
General BPS-Apex (4-Star)
Lieutenant General BPS-22 (3-Star)
Major General BPS-21 (2-Star)
Brigadier BPS-20 (1-star)
Colonel BPS-19
Lieutenant Colonel BPS-19
Major BPS-18
Captain BPS-17
Lieutenant BPS-17
2nd Lieutenant BPS-17
Subedar Major BPS-16
Subedar BPS-15
Naib Subedar BPS-13 or 14
Battalion Havaldar major BPS-11 or 09
Battalion quartermaster Havaldar BPS-11 or 09
Company Havaldar Major BPS 11 or 09
Company Quartermaster Havaldar BPS-11 or 09
Havaldar BPS-07 or 08
Naik BPS-07 or 06
Lence Naik BPS-06
Soldier BPS-05

Pakistan armed force salaries are depends on their scales and ranks so that salaries are not permanent all these army officers which are following all rules and regulation with proper way and give lesson to our Pakistan public or youngsters which that are interested to go in Pakistan army they have to being strong and brave. You must be stay with us for more detail and information regarding Pakistan army ranks and salary.

Updated: December 21, 2018 — 11:34 am

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