Farewell Speech For 10th Class Students by Teacher, Principal

To my dearest and respectable teachers and students:

It is moment of nervousness and I am feeling it. Hope you all will also feeling nervous. I remember those days when we first time entered in this school. That was the first time when we left our house end enters a completely new world. There was a lot of confusing moments there mostly new students started crying on the first day but most of the students face this condition confidently.  We all only like to play and be out of the classrooms in start we just hate our classrooms but after few days we love to be in classroom interest is being developed in studies and our classroom become the most beautiful place where we like to live. In few days we started liking our teachers and environment of our school and classroom.

There is something very interesting in this assembly hall here we get a lot of confidence of speaking in front of hundreds of people. Here we all are completely attended and our day starts from here. This school provides all the facilities of building our best and dynamic future. Due to our school there are many opportunities that can help us in future and getting a best profession. The playground where we do different plays and I know that we always play cricket in this huge playground everyone will agree with me that our school give us many remember able memories sometimes the scold of our teachers and many times fight between our class fellows and friends.

In our classrooms someone is in singing mood and few of us are naughty and do different naughtiness in our classrooms. This school is now liked by all the memory given by this school are unforgettable. We will never forget this school and the life of this school.

At last I just want to say that may God bless you all and get a bright and good future. I will miss you all a lot may you all live long life Farewell Speech For 10th Class Students in English, Urdu.

Updated: December 23, 2018 — 11:05 pm

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