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The Story of ClassNotes

Class Notes™ is a startup that is committed to providing the best quality educational resources to the students all around the world. We believe in good quality education and that it is a basic right of every human being. Class Notes is working to digitise the educational resources for students all around the world so they can access this information globally.

We Help You Ace Your Exams


ClassNotes helps students prepare their academic and standardised examinations more effectively. Currently we are helping hundreds of thousands of students every month through our website and android application. Using our mobile application, students can prepare for their upcoming examinations better than tuition centres but at a fraction of the cost.


ClassNotes improves the experience of preparation of standardised tests and academic examinations by:

1) Reducing the cost of exam preparation by more than 10X when compared to tuition centres and academies

2) Increasing the efficiency of exam preparation by providing personalised feedback to each student according to their strengths and weaknesses

3) Providing analytics to students about their current preparation and what they need to focus on to increase their merit number

4) Giving detailed study plan and schedule to each student to prepare for their upcoming exams

5) Providing free notes and exam preparation resources to students using mobile application and official website

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Our Values

ClassNotes is 

Access to Quality Education

ClassNotes aims to provide affordable quality education to low income communities across the world, especially the developing countries. This is in accordance with the SDG 4 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Great User Experience

We want to provide the best user experience for online exam preparation to students all across the globe.


We make sure our content is consistent across all platforms so that users can prepare their exams regardless of the type of device they are using.

Campus Ambassador Program

Want to be part of the education revolution? Just click the button below and fill the application form to apply for the program. Selected ambassadors will represent ClassNotes in their institutions and will receive special gifts and incentives.