My law books find in 2018

My legal find books in 2018.

Legal literature is often very boring. It seems that I didn’t adore Plevako, I can’t read his speeches on the subway. And to be inspired by something legal.

Therefore, I am constantly in search of interesting literature on jurisprudence. I share my book discoveries over the past year:

• Tim junkin, “Bloodsworth: The True Story of the First Death Row Inmate Exonerated by DNA Evidence”. A book about a real case, about Curt Bloodsworth, accused twice of the most brutal murder and rape of a little girl, acquitted because of innovation – DNA analysis. • Sonya sotomayor, “My beloved world”. Sonya Sotomayor – U.S. Supreme Court Arbitrator. I saw her twice during the Supreme Court trial. She is gorgeous. And the book is great. This is an autobiography that tells about her life and career.

And right off the bat three books by John Grisham. John – wonderful writer, just Stephen King of legal thrillers. I swallowed all the books in a couple of days (any, of course): • “The Firm”: about a small law firm with large skeletons in the closet. • “Gray mountain”: about a New York deal lawyer who, due to the monetary crisis, left to work in a legal clinic in a small town in the Appalachian Mountains. She wondered if it would be boring there. Gullible…. • “Rogue Lawyer”: about a lawyer who deals with cases that no one else wants to take.

Yes, as you can see, all the books are in British. Maybe you understand the most interesting Russian legal or legal books?

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