Nissan Qashqai two thousand seven – review of the owner

Nissan Qashqai two thousand seven – review of the owner.

Sold, in the end, his own Qashqai. I can not resist to write a review. Reviews on a Qashqai a lot, here I write only my imho and do not pretend to be objective. Read various reviews and draw conclusions from people’s opinions!

Not counting the Kashkay owned and drove the following cars: Zhigul 2104, Nissan Note 2008., 1999 fiat brava., Toyota Corolla Verso 2006. So there is something to associate. Bought my car in two thousand eight years in excellent condition with a mileage of 20, practically new. Why a Qashqai?? I have long dreamed of two-car for the city with high ground clearance. I think, that for the Siberian winter is a must! After reading everything I realized that I want it, t.к. It (was) a modern Parktronic with a lot of features for reasonable money. Among classmates like rab or zrv it was the cheapest.

Exterior Design. In two thousand and eight years, it was a completely new design for the parkettes, which distinguished it from the Rav and Tsrv-shek. I think that at the moment, this design looks totally fine, although many have become bored with it at this point. Interior design and ergonomics. No complaints, inside a high-quality salon with a comfortable and very ergonomic layout of all buttons. I get in, everything is made for me, I don’t have to get used to it. I don’t have to get used to anything. The annotation has never been opened, everything is intuitive. The synopsis is not very accurate, I have never opened the annotation, everything is intuitive and easy to understand. Not luxury of course but it is fully comfortable and does not irritate to the touch. By the way, the Toyota corolla verso I’m inside the interior is very unattractive, there cheapness and hardness of the plastic in truth irritates. Engine. 100 40 one hp.с. I think it’s pretty good. Pulls completely well from down low. For commuting it’s totally sufficient, it’s not for racing. For overtaking on the highway is also completely sufficient. In general, I do not understand racers, who whine that they and two hundred horsepower is not enough. If you always go in frontal attack, at some point you’ll come anyway. The variator is a song! You could say that’s why I got this car. Figured that’s the kind of box they made up for me. The car always runs smoothly without any jerking. Never had any lag or slowdowns, or any gears that didn’t fit. When kick-down, it always dumps gears correctly and quickly and guarantees confident acceleration without any delays or bottlenecks. If you are retired and only stroke the accelerator pedal (which I usually do), the varicab allows driving very economically. By the way, the consumption in the city in summer is 11-12, in winter – 13-15. On the highway – 7-8 l. per one hundredth of a kilometer, if not to drive too fast. In my opinion, for a four-wheel drive Parktronic this is very reasonable consumption. Another plus of a variator, when you move off, it never breaks the wheels, and smoothly increases the power, which is vital in winter on a slippery road. For example, on my father’s notebook the automatic sharply increases power to the wheels when you start. In summer it is of course cool, but in winter, when all the roads are always icy or covered with snow, it makes a certain trouble. In general, I have only positive memories from the variator! The car’s roadability. No, I have never tried to check its off-road properties, it is not an SUV. But the urban crossover it can be called by right. The highest ground clearance, four-wheel drive plus excellent tires make you a ruler on snowy and icy city roads in winter. SCHWUCHTELN from German to English It is an inexpressible pleasure when it snows about 15 centimeters in a town and road service takes its time to deal with it. All crossovers skidding and bumping, can not park in almost all places. And the crossover in the winter, you go and do not think about the snowy or slippery road, it goes everywhere without even a hint that he could get stuck in some uncleared yard or intersection. And what a pleasure, when in this snowy and slippery weather, you can just park on the hill and then as easy to move as in the summer! In winter, a lot of places you can park in the city, where ordinary cars don’t go! And most importantly, in winter you never need to carry a shovel in the trunk, as you have to do in the caboose, so you won’t get in a jam. Yes, in summer in a city all this is not necessary, and 4WD and the highest ground clearance, but in Siberia the winter is half a year! So I think that the class of urban crossovers – this is what you need in Siberia, to feel confident and quiet on the road, not only in summer but also in winter. We should also include the ESP and Abs systems. They work very well and not seldom correct in winter when you allow yourself to work sharply on the steering wheel or the brake on slippery roads… The car always behaves properly and makes you feel confident and relaxed on the winter road. Keyless access is a delightful thing! Specially designed for me! Throw the key in your bag or in a pocket and you don’t have to think about it. No need to find and take it out to open and start the car! It’s especially great when you have a shopping bag in one hand and a child in the other, you just walk up to the car and open it with your free finger, without putting either one down on the muddy road! I remember taking the key out of the pocket on an old Zhigul, dropping it in the snow once. and then I got moisture in the keyhole and I had to change the lock. No, that’s in the past for me! The keyless entry feature is for real! I was also amused by the xenon. After that, the regular headlights just do not shine! The last plus, the car has never failed and always starts in winter right down to -35, below that I have not tried and did not force it. Obviously, the key to this is that the car is brand new, the engine is not sluggish, the plugs are new, the battery peppy. Last nice detail, I was pleased with the presence of hands free function in the car radio. I’m not a fan of music, I do not need a stereo in the car in general. Often I do not turn it on at all. But it is very nice that you can answer the phone without taking out your hands from the steering wheel!

What did not like.

Unfortunately, the machine is not without flaws, and they have already written in almost all reviews. I will repeat myself. Faulty heater in first edition cashboys – this is not a joke! In other words, the heater kind of is, and it kind of even works. But in Siberia, when frosts below -20 is the norm, the heater should work fine, not just work in principle. In fact, when it’s below -10, the heater is fully sufficient. But when it is below -20, it takes terribly long for the cabin to warm up! It is necessary to drive probably an hour on a city that the temperature in an interior has risen above zero. It’s completely useless. Yes, in the Web, for example in club kashkaevoda, you can find different methods of solving this problem, such as installing an extra pump or modification of the hoses to the furnace. But I do not want to do it myself and get into it with my bare hands. The dealer refuses to solve this problem. I have decided that if I do not sell this car, put a Webasta, according to ads, it just solves this problem. Leather seats in winter – it’s hell. You can’t drive in winter without warm winter seat covers under any circumstances! A couple of times I sat my ass down on an icy seat and later suffered from prostatitis. The seat heating doesn’t do a damn thing against that. It warms up the seat slowly, not before you freeze your ass off. Summer leather seats aren’t great either, it makes your ass sweat. But it’s not that annoying when the kids spill something on them, just wipe them off and everything is clean and dry. The big disadvantage of a Kashkaia is the tightness of the rear seats. When you look and choose a car, you sit in the front, where everything is tic-tac-toe, and in the back, you think it’ll do. And as time goes by, you realize that if you drive your family there, it’s just extortion over your loved ones! In fact, the rear is not enough space, the width of three adults will not fit in, the height fits only low or children, and there’s absolutely little leg room. The kids are just kicking the front seats! And those narrow rear windows are just discrimination of rear seat passengers! And in the latest restyling they have made them even narrower. For example, if you compare it to a completely economical Nissan Notke, then in the back, it’s just heaven! In the Note, when you sit in the back, you push the sofa back and there’s HUNDREDS of room in front of you! That’s a real family car, not like this Qashqai. Now the worst thing about this car is the suspension. Some of my friends say, that the Kashkaay just does not have it! In truth, the suspension is rigid and stiff. I do not know why they made it so, they probably wanted to achieve some maneuverability, because the car comes out the highest and, perhaps, in the racing tests it would seem to someone very shaky on a soft suspension. But I’m not a racer, I leisurely drive my family, I just want a soft power-consuming suspension, which would silently swallow all the bumps and convexity of our so-called roads. With this suspension, you reduce speed to almost zero before each speed bump, aggressively feel every hole and bump, you hear everything, even the smallest joints on the asphalt. No, it’s unbearable! How could they make a suspension like that?!? Even when you drive on a relatively smooth road, without obvious bumps, you still shake and rock! No, do not say that the suspension is killed at me, I checked everything at the dealer, including the vibration test, everything is in perfect order. Perhaps the car was tested on a perfectly flat road or some landfill, since they did not see such an obvious defect in the suspension. Soon after I bought it, I went to the dealer and complained about it. The dealer just had a promotion, I got the softer rear struts from the x-trail for free. It got a little better, the rear suspension is not so scary bumping when passing the speed bumps. But still, on the whole, the suspension is just awful. In the end, the last big flaw is the lack of soundproofing. Probably, it also should not be for these means, I will not argue. But to tell the truth, from the front struts, you can clearly hear how the wheels pass every bump and hole. It was not like that even in my father’s old Zhiguli! No, the previous fault wasn’t the last. Another big flaw – the interior really squeaky, it lives and crickets and yet who just does not live, especially in winter. For the old Zhiguli this is normal, but for a nearly new car for not the cheapest means – this is already a minus minus minus. One more disadvantage is that the rear trunk is covered with a rigid shelf, but not with a mobile shelf-blind. If you put, for example, a stroller and a bunch of bags, it all begins not to fit and so I want to throw out the hell of this shelf. By the way, the trunk is not so capacious. In the Nissan Note, when you move the rear passengers’ seats forward as much as possible, the trunk is no smaller, and maybe even larger, than in the Qashqai. The back seats in a kashkaia don’t move anywhere, they paid zero attention to back passengers!

About the reliability of components and units of the car I can not say anything. I have driven it only about 20 thousand for four years. I did not have any technical problems in that period of time. Only the service was made at the dealer, though not inexpensive. I liked the service of our dealer in Tomsk. Masters are always adequate in a conversation, they know what to do and how to do it, though, of course, they take not the smallest money.

To summarize, I can say that I liked this car, despite the number of its huge disadvantages. Some of them, such as a weak stove or bad noise level can certainly be removed if desired. You will have to put up with the rest. Unfortunately, the Qashqai is not accidentally cheaper than such classmates as the RAV and Tsrv. Nissan has failed to make a miracle, it has failed to make a cheaper car with better quality than its rivals. Therefore, buying a Qashqai be aware that you pay less than for the same equal, as you have to put up with some of the shortcomings of this machine.


My law books find in 2018

My legal find books in 2018.

Legal literature is often very boring. It seems that I didn’t adore Plevako, I can’t read his speeches on the subway. And to be inspired by something legal.

Therefore, I am constantly in search of interesting literature on jurisprudence. I share my book discoveries over the past year:

• Tim junkin, “Bloodsworth: The True Story of the First Death Row Inmate Exonerated by DNA Evidence”. A book about a real case, about Curt Bloodsworth, accused twice of the most brutal murder and rape of a little girl, acquitted because of innovation – DNA analysis. • Sonya sotomayor, “My beloved world”. Sonya Sotomayor – U.S. Supreme Court Arbitrator. I saw her twice during the Supreme Court trial. She is gorgeous. And the book is great. This is an autobiography that tells about her life and career.

And right off the bat three books by John Grisham. John – wonderful writer, just Stephen King of legal thrillers. I swallowed all the books in a couple of days (any, of course): • “The Firm”: about a small law firm with large skeletons in the closet. • “Gray mountain”: about a New York deal lawyer who, due to the monetary crisis, left to work in a legal clinic in a small town in the Appalachian Mountains. She wondered if it would be boring there. Gullible…. • “Rogue Lawyer”: about a lawyer who deals with cases that no one else wants to take.

Yes, as you can see, all the books are in British. Maybe you understand the most interesting Russian legal or legal books?